czwartek, 29 marca 2012

Biegaczowate (Coleoptera, Carabidae) różnych środowisk Polski Północno-Wschodniej

Zarząd Olsztyńskiego Oddziału PTEnt. zaprasza członków oraz sympatyków na Zebranie Polskiego Towarzystwa Entomologicznego w najbliższy poniedziałek 2 kwietnia 2012 roku o godz. 13.30, które odbędzie się w sali seminaryjnej (11E) Zespołu Entomologii Katedry Fitopatologii i Entomologii, ul. Prawocheńskiego 17.

W programie:
1. wystąpienie dr Agnieszki Kosewskiej nt.
„Biegaczowate (Coleoptera, Carabidae) różnych środowisk Polski Północno-Wschodniej”;
2. recenzja filmu przyrodniczego kol. Zbigniewa Salwina;
3. wolne wnioski.

Zarząd OOPTEnt.
p.o. sekretarza
Agnieszka Laszczak-Dawid

czwartek, 22 marca 2012

Praca dla entomologów

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History seeks two systematic entomologists to conduct integrative, collections-based research programs focused on terrestrial arthropods or aquatic insects. Each successful candidate is expected to develop an internationally recognized research program utilizing modern methods, which may include bioinformatics, in pursuing systematic research on Diptera, Heteroptera, Coleoptera, or another terrestrial arthropod or aquatic insect group, with relevance to phylogenetics, genetics, evolution, morphology, behavior, biogeography, biodiversity, ecology, or related fields. Frequent publication of highly regarded papers in competitive, peer-reviewed journals, curation of collections in specialty area, service to the scientific community in leadership capacities, acquisition of external funding, engagement in outreach activities, and mentorship of students are expected.

There are two positions: (i) Federal Civil Service (U.S. citizenship required) and (ii) Trust (private sector, U.S. citizenship not required, proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. required). Both will be filled at the GS-12 level ($74,872-$79,864 per year). Applicants who are U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply for both the Federal and Trust Funded positions (two applications required). For application procedures go to and refer to Announcements 12A-RB-297507-DEU-NMNH (Federal) or 12A-RB-297508-TRF-NMNH (Trust), or contact Robinette Burrell, 202-633-6318, Applications must be received online by April 11, 2012 and must reference the announcement number. Applicants will be notified by email when their applications are received.

We encourage all qualified candidates to apply for both positions.

The Smithsonian Institution is an Equal Opportunity Employer.